New Relationship Christmas gift ideas?

With Christmas fast approaching, men and women are now thinking about what to get their boyfriends / girlfriends for Christmas gifts. What about those of you that just entered a relationship in the past month or two? Jewelry can be expensive and can be a bad investment because the relationship is still in its infancy and it could end at any time. So, both men and women, let's start a discussion on gift ideas for those of us in newer relationships (i. e. 4 months and under). If you can describe the pros and cons of the gift, if you can.


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  • I would get her a nice purse or a nice pair of shoes. I wouldn't get jewelry this early on. Just pay attention next time that you take her out and ask her questions about a few different items. Or get her perfume.

  • My fiance and I started dating October 1, 2011. That year for Christmas he brought me to Build-A-Bear and let me make a stuffed animal. It was cute. I think I bought him a video game.


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