Do we need to say I love you every day?

Se we used to text 24/7 and see each other a lot. She was stressed and doing that just made it more overwhelming. It was too much. So we've given each other space. We don't text as much. We have maybe one brief conversation a day now and that's it. When we see each other we still hug and kiss and have fun. We haven't said I love you since we've given space. I know we still do and its hard to say it when we don't talk as much, but do we have to say it all the time? I may be freaking out because I like saying it and hearing it. Maybe we'll say it in person. We used to say it a few times throughout the day kind of thing... Maybe a couple times a week is enough?


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  • Tell your woman you love her and how beautiful she is in your eyes. If you are sincere she will know and treat you in ways, both little and big, that other guys will never experience. There is amazing magic in those few words and it takes less than 5 seconds to say it to her.


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