Why is it that most of the time cutest girls are with rudest and unmannered guys that doesn't even look that good?

Like, seriously? He is unmannered he keeps yelling at you or others he lacks emotions and he is not even good looking but he has a really beautiful or a cute girlfriend. I am sure you all are picturing someone like this in your mind. Why is it like this? Is it sex? Social fear?


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  • You may have “nice” guy syndrome. If they like being with guys like that don’t try to be logical about it. The reason they are with these guys are not based in logic it’s based on emotion. You should be happy that even those low level blokes can get a cute girlfriend imagine what you can get.

    • Lol this is probably the best answer i ever recieved to this question i asked here as a single gender but this question can be applied to both genders and you have given the ultimate answer

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