I feel really ugly all the time don’t know what to do anymore ?

I’m a 32 yr old Caucasian male have all my hair, teeth treat women with respect and nothing seems to work. I’m 5’11 not short but not tall and a bit overweight but not extremely obese that I can’t see my feet. However I do have a learning disability so I never went to college and barely passed HS. I also don’t know how to drive due to my disability. I’m good with animals and kids but yet women ignore me like an ugly pair of shoes on the sales rack. I know I’m no Prince Charming but I’m starting to believe I should just give up. What should I do? Give up or just. face facts I’ll die alone.
My pic [URL=http://s587. photobucket. com/user/Invictafan1/media/5199ea68-d9ba-4f12-8ee3-f4ebd7c6d7e9. jpg. html][IMG]http://i587. photobucket. com/albums/ss317/Invictafan1/5199ea68-d9ba-4f12-8ee3-f4ebd7c6d7e9. jpg[/IMG][/URL]
Apparently I'm so ugly I crashed GAG


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  • You're fine bro. I bet you're an over thinker like me. Your own worst enemy is yourself. Think about it, in every situation it's easier to see the bad. If you agree with that statement you need to find the positives in life.


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