Does he want company?

I've been seeing a guy for about a week. We'd seen one another around town before at his workplace and we finally started talking and it's really been hitting off between us. After our first date we made out and last night I stayed at his (no naughty business, but we confirmed we were each romantically interested and there's definite signs he's not just in it for the short term). I went over not only because I wanted to see him, but because I was worried. He's had a really tough week at work with having to take on the work load of 3 people and he was really angry and tired last night. He was already pretty drunk when I got there.
He didn't seem to care either way when I offered to keep him company (but it is so hard to read meaning through messages). Guys, would you appreciate the offer or find it annoying/pushy? If you did appreciate it, would you play it cool to not seem too eager?


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  • He probably was happy to see you. I don't think you forced yourself onto him. He was going through a rough time and it was nice and thoughtful that you spent time with him.


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