Is he really busy or is his blowing me off?

Hey, so I went a two tinder dates with this guy. We got on well and he asked me out for dinner. Dinner went well, while driving me home, he told me how busy he was going to be. I was like ok. I'm busy too.

I text him to say thanks for dinner and that I really enjoyed it. He replied and said he enjoyed it too.

We tried to schedule another date, but he had to cancel because he is so busy with work until December and will try to organise something soon.

i saw him at an an event from the corner of my eye, but didn't go up to him directly as he would have been mortified. I did text him a day later to say I saw him. He text me back the next morning first thing saying he was getting a flight that day and was flat out busy with work. The text was almost like an email and he signed off kind regards!! What does that mean?

Will he organise a date for December or is he mortified our worlds slightly collide and people would know he's on tinder? he is slightly old school.

Thank you!!


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  • Honestly, if I really like a girl, regardless of how busy my schedule is I'd make time. Sounds like he's either not overly interested or just flat out trying to blow you off without being directly rude about it. But, you never know, if you really liked him, it could be case that he legitimately was too busy, it just seems unlikely to me.


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  • Well, of course he's sooo busy with work, he's busy enough that he actually messaged you like he was writing an email! Doesn't that just show you how much he's been working? He's totally in stessed-rushed-working mindset, he just doesn't have time rn. But if he says he likes you and wants to meet again? Take his word for it! Wait a week and if he doesn't message then you should ask him out. If he keeps saying no then just suggest gently that it might not work out unless you do something soon and if he doesn't care then just move on


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  • I don't think you will be dating him in December sounds like he is done

  • I would back off entirely and move on

    • I didn't text him back. Im going to wait till December and see what happens. Im still on tinder and texting guys, but I am kinda holding out for him..

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    • Date went well & he's asked me out again. Still holding out for the other guy though. 🙄

    • That's good news! No harm in keeping it in the back of your mind, you never know ;)

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