I've been single for 3 years is that a problem?

I've been stuck single for a while now and was just wondering what the case is I go out sometimes when I can I'm not working but normally i work 5 or 6 days out the week I don't know wether its my looks or my personality?


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  • Put yourself out there more, and try to approach everything with a positive attitude. People pick up on whatever vibe you're giving off, so self-love and feeling worthy helps other people to see your value as well. I've just been single for 3+ years, and I know there's nothing wrong with me. Try using some affirmations and don't allow self-critical thoughts. Yes, we all have things we can stand to work on, but so do all your potential dates.

    • Thank you that helps but I'm not sure of how to put my self out there but normally when I go out I feel as if I'm invisible

    • Feeling invisible is totally about how you view yourself. It's possible to be shy and introverted yet have people drawn to you.. It's about the energy you're putting off. Go on youtube and watch some self-love meditation/affirmation videos. Or just repeat to yourself things like "I am worthy" "I am awesome" "I am loved". People will pick up on a change in attitude, even if you don't alter your behavior. Put yourself "out there" more by getting into the right mindset to attract people (self-confident and positive, rather than feeling insignificant).

  • Maybe both. What type of personality do u have?

    • I'm a pretty carefree person I can aggravated but little things at times but its really hard to do that and I'm sensitive to certain things

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    • I don't understand how can you be aggressive towards someone if your kind?

    • Just let the other person get to know u and they will decide

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  • 20 and counting here i will become a wizard in 9 years and you are worrying about nothing


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