What’s going through his mind?

So I have been talking to this guy (mostly on text) for 4 months and he has gradually decreased texting over the time. Since we are based in two different countries، I visited his country (turkey) for a pre planned vacation and got a chance to meet him while he was in the city (he’s based in another city from where I visited). This was our official first date/meeting after a brief introduction at the university in London some time ago. Long story short, he came to pick me up, took me for lunch, showed me his favourite places, held my hand and played/kissed them in the car and while we walked, pulled me close when we were standing (randomly) towards his chest, kissed me many times on my cheek out of nowhere and also kissed the top of my head while we were sitting next to each other. Apparently he also mentioned me while someone from his family called. I’m confused because he was on his phone a lot. Said it’s work related since he has just started his new business. Also we had a few hours as he told me he has to leave. He doesn’t reallt text me though and hardly calls (before and after this date) but keeps asking me to marry him. Is he playing or what? I’m really confused.


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  • Drop him probably has a wife or a girlfriend.

    • YOU were right. What a lying piece of trash. Told me two days after our date that he doesn’t want to continue talking anymore. I hope he dies

    • Sorry to hear that find someone who appreciates you

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