Feeling stupid about this?

I feel like a total tool/punk. There is this girl that I started having feelings for, but in the end I felt like she wanted to have sex with one of my friends. I felt it and kind of joked about it when she kept asking for his name, which slipped once. Then I noticed one day she was hiding to buy something when we were out once in the store. I still keep in contact with her and whatever, it will be impossible to cut contact since she lives down the street from me and I see her so very often. She feels like she has to hide it from me, instead of saying look I don’t like you like that anymore. It’s due to my choice of just waiting till I have my wife. There are times I just don’t want to wait and so forth. I just feel like an idiot because I still really like her, when I know she doesn’t even think again about me. Even though I do feel angry about it and want to say alll this negative stuff. I just hope her all the best. When I do feel upset about it, I try to think positive about it. A lot of my fam tells me to move on, this is the hardest I have ever had to try and move on. I still think about her and tried not contacting her for 2 weeks, but caved in to see how she is doing and to let her know good luck with school. I just really feel like she is doing something with my friend with all that happened, but then again it’s none of my business. It feels like all the stuff she’s had told me was a lie and that her and my friend are probably laughing at me. Just need some advice.

P. S. We weren’t in a relationship, we were talking and so forth.


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