Is this girl being sketchy or am I being oversensitive?

There's this girl I like that texts me a lot and Monday night she sent a text saying she was dressed up cute and asking if I wanted to see. Then I said yes and she replied something like ok are you ready? She lives about 4 hours away and I figured she meant to FaceTime since it was rather late. So I replied sure and I heard nothing back. Last night she wrote me saying she was sorry she had to leave and wanted to chat again. I have ignored her message since then but I'm not sure if I should reply at all since she's done this before and I think its kind of sketchy and could imply that she left with someone else. However in the past she has told me that her roommates are really conservative and that she feels like she needs to hide herself from them but I'm not sure if that's what she meant by the text. To be honest it just seems weird although part of me wants to trust her and I almost wonder if I should let her go or reach out or wait for her to reach out? I really really like her or it wouldn't be so difficult for me to figure out


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  • You're the side piece

  • She has a boyfriend.

    • I've asked her and she told me she's single

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    • How long should I ignore her for? until she actually makes plans to visit? I don't want to lose her completely, I guess at this point I sort of see her as a back up plan

    • How long should I ignore her for?

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