Long distance relationships?

Has anyone been in an amazing relationship but then you and your partner had to do a long distance and you lost feelings for your partner because of it?


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  • .😥.


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  • My feelings have grown stronger in a LDR and makes me appreciate the time with him. Good byes suck though. I still haven't figured out a way to not be a sobbing mess in the air port.

    • How long were y’all dating before you had to do long distance? Sorry if I’m being nosey, going through a breakup and thinking this could’ve been one of the problems he was oblivious to.

    • Not nosey... I'm sorry about your breakup. We were never "across the street"'from one another but about an hour to hour and a half away so we would see each other at least on weekends. That was maybe for a year. Then he moved across the country. I've seen him once since then and that was about 6 mos ago

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