How important is looks to you with finding someone overall attractive/date-able?

Just wondering. There is a notion guys care more about looks. And that women for the most part don't get instantly attracted to men upon first glance but more so upon their character and wit/intelligence/general personality etc. Although I suspect women of this generation have changed.

Don't reply with the mindset of someone who is dead set on settling down... most young people aren't in that mind frame so when it comes to casual dating/relationships where you will see where it goes/have fun along the way... answers i bet will differ.
  • 9-10 Crucial he/she needs to be someone that really stands out when i see them.
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  • 8 Very important... I rarely am interested in people who I don't find fit/hot
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  • 7 Important... I can be leniant on their apperance if they have other qualities... but not much.
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  • 6 Fairly important but other qualities make a difference
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  • 4-5 looks make a small difference but there are more important things that get my attention
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  • 0-3 Don't care, I seek other qualities
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  • Tough one. Initial attraction is important but for me a guy can be too good looking. If I think a guy spends more time in his eyebrows than I do on my entire body, I'm instantly turned off.

    Also, if I start talking to an attractive guy and his personality is bad, another instant turn off.

    I couldn't date someone I didn't find attractive. But they don't have to be at all perfect.

    • I guess it is hard to know what someone classes as attractive. A fair few hot girls have found me attractive, yet I bet if i posted my pic I'd get a lot of average or worse comments.

    • Absolutely. Everyone is attracted to something unique. My taste in men is based on uniqueness. I like quirky looks. I'd take David Bowie over David Beckham any day.

    • I wear glasses. Some extremely hot men find my librarian look irresistible. But if I go out wearing contact lenses I'll get hit on by significantly more men. However I'm not attracted to the vast majority of those men hitting on me, so it makes no difference how many men find me attractive if I don't want or need that extra attention.

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