Do women expect a man to pay on the 1st date?

Actually I really would like to know if and why a girl wouldn't be interested or if she'd even get turned off by going "dutch" or splitting the bill until the ball gets rolling. I have my own expenses and can't at this moment figure a second person into every time I go out so PLEASE enlighten me.


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  • I don't think women expect it per se... but I'll offer to pay if I ask someone out in general. If I invite a friend to come out to the bar with me, then I'll buy the first round. I just hate this mentality that women are just inherently entitled to your money. They're not doing you a favor by going out with you, so you shouldn't need to pay for their time.

    Also, throwing money towards women in general will just turn them off on a lot of levels. Sure, they might act like it's turning them on, but that's only because they're gaining something from you. We all like money and free shit, right? Well, you're indirectly telling a woman that you yourself aren't enough to impress her when you throw money at her.

    Having money itself is very attractive, but NEVER throw towards a woman. I know so many women who take money from these lonely ass guys and play the act to keep getting money from them. They will intentionally make them feel masculine and good just to siphon more resources from them. Meanwhile, they're laughing at them behind their backs. I'm that guy they tell these stories to and I'm the one laughing with them.


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  • No women don't expect it, you are expected to as a man to show her that you are capable of taking care of someone other than yourself. If you are not than you shouldn't be in a relationship.

    • Couldn't agree more (sadly)
      I happily take the stance that I am nobody's keeper/babysitter

    • You obviously don't have any children. You don't have to be your dates "keeper" but you should be at that level of maturity to accommodate someone els into your life.

  • I always offer to pay for everything. I don't even ask sometimes. I just pay for the whole thing, and then refuse her money after. But she really insists, we usually go to a second place (like maybe dessert, or popcorn if we're going to the movies) and she would offer to pay for that. It's cheaper than the main thing, but at least you gave her a chance to show that she can als, zo handle herself and be independent.

  • Tough luck dude. Sorry to say, but you should always pay on the first date. Girls can say it's fine, don't, lets split it, etc., but in truth they want you to pay it all. Women want a man they can rely on and lean on (like a rock), if he can't afford to pay for a simple date how can she rely on him in times of need?
    Your choice though, no one is going to twist your arm, just saying, make your life easier and do it.


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