When a guy wants to approach a girl slowly, what is the longest time he would take a pause texting the girl?

How many days will be the longest time for a guy to wait and text the girl again?

I mean like, this is part of the guy's plan to approach a girl in a certain way.


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  • Its depends on guy... if he good then he take time tooo... if he as intentions of sex , he short shows his other face... but u thick sex is common.. thats ok... have sex and leave it... if truly love jst resiste him fr sex... and cheak wheather he wrong or right

  • He could be busy

    • What if he is not that busy. And part of his plan or his consideration.

      How about u? Whats the longest time u can take a pause before texting her again?

      2 days, 4 days, a week?

    • I don’t know many girls. ☺️💕

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