How is dating worth it if rejection or failure is far more likely?

I need to give up but I don’t know how. I mean no longer consider it.


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  • Why is anything worth it? Why apply for a job? You could get rejected. Why do anything? That's a silly question.

    I don't give a shit if someone rejects me. That's life. Not everyone is going to like me. Sometimes you need to crawl through the shit to get to what you want. Good things rarely come easily.

    And as for failure, there's a quote that I like to go by; "failure is only past experiences and your reactions to them".

    When you approach a girl and get rejected, you might go 'oh no I've failed!' and cry in a little depressed heap. Whereas I go 'Ok, cool, she's not interested, let's move on' and then pat myself on the back for at least trying.

    Different mindsets. One sets you up for depression. The other sets you up for self improvement and success.


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  • Do you really want to give up dating? I don't know man, you decide when you are ready to quit, no one else can decide that for you. Only question is after you quit, what do you plan to do? What would you want to do? How important is having a relationship for you? Does it really matter to you? How certain are you that even after you have a relationship and have a girlfriend that you'll actually be "happy" or be "happy forever"?

    • I don’t really know if “happy” is something that is possible for me. Or at least the true kind.

  • It's not. I can see myself 40 years from now still happy. Nothing beats freedom. Do what you want, use all the money on yourself. Life is worth it. When you need sex just get an escort, problem solved.

  • I'm with you bro but you have to consider why you want to meet someone in the first place. Try to see it as a challenge but don't kill yourself. Find out what girls want and try to offer it without changing you're core self


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