What is your opinion on a 27 year-old man who has never dated before?

The main reason why I am asking this question is to get the opinions of women in my age group, but any opinions are welcome. I'd like to start by saying, this is a genuine question, I am not a sleazy guy trying to meet women.

As it stands, I am a 27 year-old Information Technologist who has never dated or been in a relationship. I'm not lonely in anyway, but I feel like it's probably time to try dating. Is it strange for a guy of my age to have never dated? And what would you suggest would be a good place to start? Online dating?

Thank you for your opinion.


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  • I would find t strange because it’s kind of hard to not have dated by our age even if it’s pnly been a handful of times. Have you had no interest or a bad experience? I guess it depends on the reason and how sociable you are now

    • Haven't had any bad experiences to be honest, and I have had women interested in me in the past, when I was younger. I never really thought to ask them on a date. I don't really socialize much, bit of an introvert. So that's most of the reasons why I haven't date yet.

      Thank you for the feedback.

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