Been looking for a nice girl. Can't seem to find one for me?

I've tried many dating apps and have talked with lots of girls in person, but I do not seem to have any luck. I feel as if I'm too ugly or just not good enough. Is there anyone out there interested in me? Or, what do I do?


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  • I guarantee there are women out there who feel the same as you, however, you need to work on how you feel about yourself. Two people with low self-esteem together isn't great. You are good enough for the right person (and probably many of them) and no one is too ugly to be loved. People can sense insecurity and it's a turn-off. You must value yourself for others to. Most women don't rank physical attractiveness that highly, they look for personality. Get to a point where you like yourself and feel worthy, then women will pick up on that.

    • Thanks for replying Will take advice 😊

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