He knows I like him , you think he could be interested?

Alright so , my co-worker and I have been working together for about a year. I finally told him that I've liked him since. He was alittle shocked at first I could tell. I couldn't get a reply because A manager had called me. Anyhow , days later I saw him and apologized if I'd made it awkward.

He told me I didn't and he's been acting normal , maybe abit more friendly. Well today I finally had the balls to ask for his number. I told him that I was going to ask for it but I wanted to make sure he didn't have a girlfriend. And he let me know that he was kind of talking to someone. I thought i was shut down completely. As I was walking away he too me that I could have it , because talking as... friends is cool too.

I don't know y'll... we have a connection but Inthink he friendzoned me? Plus he said he's talking to someone else? Buuuuut he still have me his number. Im probably thinking too much into it


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