What's the best way a guy has asked you out?

Witty pick-up lines? Unexpected timing? Any story will be great.


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  • Hmmm that's really tough but id have to say the best time a guy asked me out was when he took me to Disney land and asked me out but id say the best way is to be straight forward and ask maybe better her some flowers or something

  • I was studying with a guy at the library once in college. I got really frustrated with this calculus assignment, and he could tell. He was really good at it, so he said he would help me, just pass him my notebook. He took it flipped the page, wrote something, then flipped the page back, gave me some hints on the assignment, then slid my notebook across the table back to me. He knew I’m naturally curious, so I would have to see what he wrote on the other page. I flipped the page, turned a little red, smiled, and nodded yes. He wrote, “Will you let me take you out to dinner Friday?” It was really cute and totally unexpected. We ended up dating for over a year. We’re still friends.


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