Love sick? Long distance?

As soon as my boyfriend was moving out of state which was unexpected & we both thought that would never happy, we had planned for me to move out there with him once I’ve saved enough money. We went through rough patch those 6 long months of not seeing each other at all. But we still had hope that we will see each other again once the time comes. Sadly it ended not as what we planned, I had my plane ticket ready and he was working I’ve already got the job where he was working, I got the apartment that he helped me on. We were excited Then 2 days before I was suppose to leave he wasn’t able to help me out since i don’t have anyone out there except him. He quite his job for a reason, he was mostly helping his family so it was a struggle for him, and both his cars broke down on him so he isn’t able to take me anywhere. It would take few weeks to get thinks back on track but now I’m not going anymore cause I payed a lot for everything and my ticket is gonna expire. We both still love each other but I don't know about long distance relationships?


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  • The love of my life lives across the Atlantic. Long distance is hard and takes a lot of effort, but hang in there and love will find a way. :)


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