What's up with girls complaining about "hey"?

... or more accurately, "Hey, how are you?" as an intro on social media/dating apps?

Lmfao if you're one of those girls that complains about this, then get your entitled ass the fuck on out of here and get a reality check. It's simply a friendly introduction. Not all guys are Shakespeare, and if you're interested, then you should naturally want to talk to him. It's not that great of a privilege to talk to you. Those guys just simply thought you were conversation worthy.

Personally, I ain't writing you a fucking novel or taking time out of my day to come up with something. Whatever comes to mind, I'll say. If it's "hey, how are you?" then it's simply that. If I was interested, then it's "I want meet you in person, what are you doing this weekend?". Girls always try and open with "hey" towards me, and sometimes they do have shit social skills, but I usually always give them a chance.

Before any of you triggered girls try and come at me, I'll tell you that I read a question on here with women saying that they hate "hey" & "hey, how are you" and how annoying it is. I'm not butthurt because women don't really ignore me. Just a friendly reminder to get the sand out of your vagina, be a decent human being, and don't be so delusional to think that you're blessing men with your mere presence. You have to work to them as well. Smfh

I've noticed as I've gotten older, I just have little to no more patience for these entitled average looking princess types who literally have nothing to offer. I used to brush it off, but I just give zero fucks at this point lmao. I'll call it out every time I see it. I love women in general, but these types that I'm describing... I got no love for them.


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  • Because it always leads into a mind-fuckingly boring conversation and if that's all you've got in conversation skills, then I know all I need to know about you to know we are not compatible.

    Fyi. Lots of men also hate that lame attempt at a conversation.

    • Almost all the women that message me first say hey or hey how are you lol. I simply look at it as an opener. As I said above, some of them have shit social skills, but a lot of people in general have shit social skills. If you're unmatching a good looking guy because hey asked how you were doing, then I'm sorry, that's just ridiculous in my opinion. They're entitled to do it though, sure.

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    • Honestly, I've had great responses on tinder, but all too often on here and even some of my friends in real life have opposite experiences. My roommate specifically... I saw a question on here with women stating that they're not worth their time if the guy asks how they are doing. I just thought that was a tad ridiculous. I couldn't imagine going up to a woman at a club, ask her night is going, and have her completely walk away from me pretty much saying fuck you.

      "I've matched with guys like you who think try can convince me to fuck them. Damn they can persist with their efforts for days. " - I didn't even tell you I'm good looking or suggest getting sex is all about looks lol. I simply said I like the chase sometimes when it's a chase involving wit and sexual banter that continues to escalate until sex happens. That's fun to me and it turns me on.

    • I'm not into chasing girls who aren't interested in me either. When I say chase, I mean mutual attraction and interest. I wouldn't chase a girl who clearly displayed signs that she wasn't attracted to me. That will never be me.

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  • Because it's a boring first impression.

    • It's just an introduction, first impressions shouldn't have to be made with some constructed well thought out pickup line. First introductions are made on the overall vibe of the first conversation that you bring to the table.

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    • Im not saying that, im simply saying that the only thing to discuss is the why. Discussing that water is wet is pointless, but discussing why water is wet isn't

    • I'm evoking a discussion in which people are either om agreement or disagreement. That's the point of my question. I don't think this argument is going anywhere. I'm not interested in discussing the psychological profiles of these women and why they are they way they are tbh.

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