Male coworker said he has a "bad rep" at our workplace, but I'm interested?

A male coworker told me that he has a bad reputation at our workplace, and that rumors of him sleeping with female coworkers has been going around, but that they are not true. He is worried that if people find out that we are talking outside of work and/or if we start hanging out then rumors will start involving us. There is the chance that I would get a bad reputation alongside his, which I don't think he wants for me. Should I pay any attention to the bad reputation he has and not engage with him outside of work, or see where it goes but keep it secret from the rest of our coworkers? I'm kind of interested in him, but I don't know if I should involve myself because of the reputation/rumor spreading.


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  • My guess is that the reputation has backbone. You have to decide if you like him enough to look past the potential rumours. Just don't expect him to stick around of everyone tells you he never does


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