Does he secretly want to end things?

I have known this guy for about 3 years now and the last few months we have gotten more and more serious. Gone on a few dates and when we aren't together, we text and flirt. Not all the time, but a couple times a week. We aren't exclusive and so I asked him where he sees the relationship with the two of us going and what he wants out of all of this, he said that's a very serious topic that he doesn't want to give the wrong answer to. I just thought it was something casual to ask.. I need to know because I've got a couple other guys who wanna date me. I do like him though, so if there is a possibility he wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend, then I think it's great. Does it sound like he wants to end things, but doesn't know how to?


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  • There's Comedy in Tradegy
    Choose one?
    And get on to the next one move on with your thoughts emotions feelings and not people
    Go tell him this
    Good luck to you sister


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