Is he not interested?

I met this guy online a month ago. We went on a first date and everything went well, he drove me home and asked me to give him a hug then he told me he will text me tomorrow as it was very late night. He texted me the next day and we have been texting each other almost every day. A week after I invited him to my place, we watched movies and hung out then he asked me if he could kiss me, we had intimacy but didn't have sex. We cuddled and talked fo couple hours then he left and told me he will text me tomorrow which he did. We still texting each other almost every days but he never make a move for another date. I know that his work is busy right now and it has been almost a week after we got together so I don't know if he is not interested in me and just keep me around or something else.


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  • Sounds to me like he wants to keep it casual. He may be too busy to actually date and just wants to have the small amount of fun he can when he can get it.

    • Yeah, I think he's talking to another girls too so do I because we are not exclusive yet but I don't know what to do should I keep it casual and see how things are or should I ask him?

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    • Thanks for you advice:)

    • You're welcome :)

  • Either he's just looking for a friend, or he thinks thats what you're about.

    • I told him what I'm looking for same as him but still don't know what to do

    • This guy aounds like more trouble than he's worth. Is he at least good company?

    • Yes he's a good company but I think he's a bit shy, or maybe he a bit older? He's 38 years old and been single for over a year. I think he's looking for long term commitment but I don't know if I should keep it cool and see how things are

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  • It's only been a week. He's probably seeing how you are first. As it's still early days


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