Girl always says "maybe" to going out?

So I've asked this girl out a few times. The first time, she says "okay, maybe after other festivities". We end up going out to the bars. The second time she says "okayy, possibly after [party]". I asked her out to dinner and she finally said "okay sure". I've only been out with her 2 times, but she's been willing to go out with me every time.

I asked her out again to go bowling and she responds with 2 separate texts:

"okay when"

I don't know if its she's playing hard to get or if her interest is just low.


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  • A: She might be too nice to say no if she’s not into you.
    B: she might have a lot going on right now and can’t commit to plans.
    C: she is unsure of you still.


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  • Liam's top tip of the day: Don't "ask" a girl if she will go to bowling or dinner with you... TELL her you will go to dinner 😊 for example instead of saying something like "hey if you're free do you want to go to dinner with me this weekend? My treat" you could say "Hey, I've been thinking about you recently, and i want to take you out to dinner this weekend, I know a nice place with a great view!" And leave it at that. If she says no to that then she's never going to say yes, sorry 😂

    • Like other guys have said, it seems like you're the last resort. So you have to force her into only being able to say yes or no! Some girls will still try and say "maybe" or "I'll let you know"... If they do, then forget them. A girl who turns down a nice dinner date with a someone, obviously doesn't like the guy at all.

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    • I said "Let's go bowling"

    • Well I think that gives her too much of an opportunity to say no haha.
      You should make it sound as though you're going anyway, and you want her to come too (even though it's just you and her)

      In the future, you could try "This weekend, Sarah (or whatever her name is), I'm going to show you my terrible bowling skills, and ill feel really embarrassed when you get 2 strikes in a row, so dont laugh too much"

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  • It means if I have nothing else planned with some other guys or friends I'll consider giving you a chance.

  • Sounds like your the last resort. Like only if she's THAT bored she'll hangout with you.

  • No woman who is interested will EVER reply with a maybe. Sorry.

    • Its weird. We've been out together. Even made out. I don't know.

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    • What are the factors do you think? She's just a tease?

    • 'just a tease' still means 'uninterested'

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