Does not hanging out affect a relationship?

My boyfriend and I are always busy or hanging with his friends. We never hang out alone anymore. And this week, I've barely seen him since I've been working a bunch of overtime at work. Will that affect our relationship? I'm also having my doubts about him sometimes. And I'm wondering if that's because we never hang out and because we haven't hung out like we used to since our big fight a little over a month ago


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  • Well, humans are social creatures and unless there is physical contact (not sexual, but seeing/talking in real life), they have less and less common interest, no matter how close they are, there's always another, "physical" one. So yes, not hanging out affects a relationship.

    • We live together so we do see each other but not too long a lot of times since one of us is always tired from work or classes

    • Sure, you know better, whatever I said was just a generalized idea about social interactions, each case must be evaluated individually and in that I can't assist.

  • If he really wants u he will give some time dont need to worry have a good relationship!!!


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