Confused. 6 Year on and off relationship. What should I do?

As in the title, I have been with this guy for 6 years. We have our ups and downs, but we come back to each other.
I received a call today, from him. We are at separate universities, and we haven’t talked in a long time. at first, we talked about school, joked around, then he said he noticed I was more confident than I used to be.
I told him it was probably because I didn’t want to wait around for him. Then, we had an even more deep conversation about feelings... something we never had before. I asked him what he thought of me.
He told me that he felt like he didn’t deserve my love... but he loved having my love.
He asked if I was a virgin, i told him no. he was shocked, told me he thought i would be his first experience. I told him I didn’t wait around for him.
He asked me why i loved him.
I told him i couldn’t say i loved him because he never knows what he wants.
I asked him why he didn’t pursue me seriously.
He said he was scared of committing and staying with me forever. (I feel the same way)
I told him, i don’t understand, we been loosely committed to one another for half a decade.
He stayed silent and said it was true.
I told him he needed to make a choice, because I wasn’t going to wait forever.
He said this scared him.
Now, we are going together to a concert for my favorite band.
Im confused. Why are guys like this?


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