I’ve been talking to this guy he puts in not that much effort but he said he wants to take it slow he’s so sweet but not attentive to me and every time I try to cut him off because of it he just says gives me another chance and I really like u but he doesn’t give me enough attention I feel like he has stated he see a future with me but still.. I don't know what to do he called me the other day to check in an was like just wanna make sure we’re good I know I have been lagging right now just isn’t the right time but I will see u soon and I really like u I know I need to treat u better an i will. I told him listen clearly ur not interested in me u should of just told me u we’re looking for sex or friends with benefits rather then a relationship and he goes no what are u talking about I like u I want a want something with u blah blah blah. Guys what u think or how should I react to this situation and yes I do want a relationship with him what’s the best thing to do?


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  • But if he is showing not enough attention that wouldn't imply he wants you as a sex friend maybe he going through some bad shit with family or so mthing if he has done you no wrong so far I would say wait for him at Least to see what happens

    • But he’s also leaving soon to go to another country and so it like when is this suppose to progress?

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    • 1 text a day sometimes he will hon days without talking to me then apologize for the lag and start up again

    • Only one text a day to me even if you are busy is unacceptable a morning night and one throughout the day is a minimum for me no matter how busy I am but that's just my take on it

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  • If he can't or won't meet your needs, that's all you need to know.

    Find someone who will. You are essentially a back up, bench warmer etc.

    Whatever the reason... his actions don't match his words and why are you obligated to "wait" until he treats you right?

    Lol... gimme a break

  • A guys who likes a girl should have no problem being attentive. Look for a guy who either cares enough for you to be attentive, or who is mature enough to be attentive.

  • Tell him to be an asshole
    It will help the situation much

  • He could be one of those shy guys who do not know what to do or anything up to being to busy with somebody else.

    If you think that you will find man that do not won't sex, you are mistaken. Man do not won't sex only when their thing do not work.

    So it could be that he tested if you one of those one night girls, but could be interested in relationship just do jot have clue how things work or to busy...


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