My friend knows this girl, She is willing to meet him she said the same thing to me is she playing us both?

My friend and her says they talk daily, I just started talking to her yesterday. But my friend says she not interested in me but she says she willing to meet me? I'm confused. I am also 2 - 3 years older so yea. She told him that I was too old for her. But then I ask her this she says 'your only 2 or 3 years older not a big deal' she claims that she isn't dating anyone. FYI all this stuff happens on insta. So please guys let me know she playing me , or the both of us let me down below.


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  • I do not think so... she has no commitment to either of you... she is free to meet as many people as she wants untill she commits...

  • I think she is playing you yes.

    • The funny thing was I told I was cutting myself actually not cuz her and replies please don't and saying sorry what does that mean?

    • I don't think you should trigger that she's feeling bad for you situation.

      Try to avoid sharing nagative information, espacially if you just started to get to know her.

      If she says that u shouldn't cut yourself and she's sorry it means nothing. Because everyone wouldn't like to hear that about someone. I think she does care about you, but don't trigger it this way.

      Try to trigger her in a positive way.

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