She just wanted sex?

So she spent the better part of a month ignoring me, would occasionally invite me to a baseball game and then stop talking to me, never seems to talk more than a few sentences and keeps me at arms length, tells me one night that she really likes me but she's just shy but two days later comes onto me hard , but says she wants something long term and seemingly gets very hurt when I come up with an excuses and now never wants to talk to me again and seems infuriated with me despite many apologizes, that's the short version lol. Honestly I can't tell if she just wanted sex and was just trying to cover her ass or if she's just super awkward and wanted a relationship and thought hooking up would make it easier (is that a thing?) In any case I've waited almost a month now and haven't heard from her I still wanna try to make something work :(


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  • Have you tried to text her during that month? If you like this girl it is a two way communication deal.. both have to give. But I feel You, in same situation with a guy... but usually girls wants something more than just sex, And usually when we just want sex we do a ONS and never see or talk to the person again... but sure, she could have been all about getting laid, but it kinda depends on a lot of stuff...

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