Am I being used or is she truly just thinking about it?

Follow up to my previous question. Long story short. I dated a girl, she said she doesn't want a relationship right now but wants to keep going out.

Ok. Being the fool I am, I'm still "dating", going out with her.
How to explain the situation? She does looks out to go out with me. She even wanted me to be there with her at a congress.
She sends messages to ask if I got home safe (little details), holds my hand and hugs me (like long and tight) when saying hello or goodbye, but when I try to kiss her she just... well, moves away.

She also asked me to help her (using my credit card) buying a washing machine (which I didn't), to get her credit for her cell phone (ok, I did that) and now her car broke down (didn't ask for money or anything, I actually offered to help but told me her roomie lended her some money). So.. she does share a lot of her problems and needs with me but she has actually refused my help on most.

So... What the hell did I get myself into? What should I do? ... I think I know what I should do, talk it over and ask if she feels something for me too. But I think I just need to know if that's the most sensible thing to do. And to release some steam...

Just yesterday the small talk got very big. She was telling me she went back home for a while to close circles... which I guess meant just get over her ex or get back... but couldnt do it. So, Im pretty lost. A F.. ing 30something lost with this kind of stuff... nice.


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  • Maybe she wants you only for her help remember... THESE HOES ain't LOYAL


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