Why is it that I always make friends wherever I go and leave a positive image with people but can’t get a date? What am I doing wrong?

I’ve always been told I’m a people person and I have a lot of friends of both genders.


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  • Because you're trying to date strangers who doesn't give a crap what you do vs trying to build that kind of relationship with your close friends. If you're not making your intentions clear from the beginning and being intentional with your pursuits, then you won't make progress.

    • True. But I have seen friendships become relationships before.

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    • No offense. Just being honest. You have to be intentional with your pursuits or else you won't get anywhere and your going fail.

    • Yeah I know.

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  • Don't be nice, Be a douche and women are sure to follow.


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  • Maybe the problem is that you might get friend zoned. If a girl sees you as a friend it's going to be difficult to get a date with her because they won't think about you when thinking about possible dates.

    • I have seen friendships become relationships though. But I suppose it’s more risky.

    • I'm not saying it's impossible but turnig a friendship into a relationship is not easy

  • Change your approach.
    A friendly approach is just that : friendly.
    But a flirty approach will get girls to see you differently.
    Try light touching, hold eye contact while smiling at the same time, lower your voice, compliment them on something physical (hair, perfume, clothes etc). All these little details indicate a more flirty situation and a less friendly one.

    • That’s risky though.

    • Yes.
      You risk being rejected.
      But you also risk being seen as just a friend.
      You decide. You're the one telling us you are in the friend zone too much.
      That is how you get out of it.

    • True.

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  • I feel ya bro same story


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