How does he feel? is he leading me on? someone help?

so I've been friends with this guy for a few months. he told me about a month back that he's romantically interested in once of my friends but she friend-zoned him. we've always been quite close and ill often go stay in his bed. but lately he seems to be more touchy feely, he holds my hand and last night he made a point to get me to sleep in his arms while he held my hand singing and then kissed my forehead while he thought i was sleeping. thats the first time he's done that. although he's been laying closer and closer to me the last few days. he also looks at me different now and clearly wants to talk to me by messaging me like ten minutes apart about the same thing till i reply. he seems protective over me and he keeps putting his face right in-front of mine while were in bed like inches away almost as if he's gonna kiss me but hasn't yet and I don't know what he's doing. i think he's leading me on but I'm not sure. do you think he feels anything for me from him acting like this? or is he just leading me on.


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  • Looks like he's working up to a screwing. Whether or not he wants a relationship is another matter. When you lay in bed with a guy, especially multiple times, he's going to think sex and get hard at times. What you are getting is a natural response to laying in bed with him. Unless just sex is enough for you, then you need to back off or find out where he is heading with you. Just him promising not to have sex is unlikely to work, as he's already primed, and that's difficult to back off from, from a sex biology perspective.

    • see thats what i thought, but he has done things which dont necessarily point to him wanting to have sex. when i was sick a few weeks ago he came over and because he saw i had no food in the house he went and bought me a bunch of shopping and then looked after me for days. he is clearly slightly into my friend still even though that is going no where but he still acts very clingy and flirty with me

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