I think he likes me but he has a girlfriend. I don't ruin relationships. What should I do?

Sorry for the long post people.
So, I started college and met this guy. We got to know each other and both of us realized we get along pretty great. We have the same taste in many things like music, lifestyle and both of us had a hard childhood.

Anyway, there was a college party both of us attended with our friends, we drank a little and we started flirting and we even kissed. I really got to think he liked me. While the party was going, he even told this creepy guy that was touching me in the crowd that he was my boyfriend so he would protect me. We went to my friend's house for a sleep over and him and me ended sleeping in the same bed. There was no hooking up, we just kissed each other a couple of times and hugged each other. We spent 3 hours talking about our lives, childhood and getting to know each other. He said to me that he likes me and when I asked "like, fo real?", he was like "yeah, you are really special, you understand me". He even cried in front of me while he was talking about some shit he went through in life (considering we knew each other for like a month). Hell, he even asked me if I would be with him. We connected because we are both f*cked up.

Later that night he told me he had a girlfriend of 5 years. He left me speechless. We started texting and all, but I am afraid he just used me. Yeah, we didn't have sex or anything like that, but what is happenig? He invited me to his birthday party and I declined because I'm seeing a band that day, so he was like "Okay, then we can go out the day before the party, just the two of us".

I mean, yeah, I really like this guy but he is in a relationship. It's hard for me to let go of him because I really think we get each other well, but I have no idea what should I do now. Was he honest about everything he told or is he just like, kidding around or something? Haha Thanks y'all for answering this


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  • I've been in that problem and Im still there just wait your turn relations don't always last


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