Is There A Such Thing As Leagues?

I think, Im ugly but most people on here already know that and, I was wondering about what your opinions on leagues are, do they exist or are they bs? I'm like a 3 or 4/10 so do, I need to forget about finding a girl who is more attractive than me or does it not matter?


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  • Start by changing the way you view yourself and others here.
    I mean just don't start with the intention of finding a girl more attractive than you.
    Start by finding a girl you find attractive PERIOD.
    And beauty is subjective. I find men who society would class as 9/10 not attractive at all. And often find men with more discreet beauty trully attractive.
    Start seeing yourself as a 10/10 and trust me you will attract every kind of hotness you wish. Attractiveness isn't only in the looks. It's about confidence, charisma etc!
    Work on your self esteem!


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  • just find a girl who likes you, stop focusing on looks, we get it, you think you're ugly, get over yourself and stop constantly saying it.

    Get into the gym and gain some confidence

    • I dont only care about looks but, I least have to be attracted to a girl just like a girl would have to find me attractive.

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    • @Zak_Viel Thanks, I think, Im ugly though and see most girls as out of my league.

    • We know dude... you say that every single time you say anything, even is it's relevant to the question

      Confidence comes from within, learn to love yourself

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  • Find a girl that will accept you for who you are. And stop putting yourself down.


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