She's not sure about the whole situation. What does she mean and how do I reply?

Had to fantastic dates, she showed every sign from touching, laughing, asking questions, talking a lot, getting to know me. The date ended well and we were passionately kissing, she was in a great mood, etc.

However after the second date on Friday, I waited until Sunday to reach out to her asking her out on another date. I got no reply.

I waited until Wednesday morning to text and I said “I’ll be silly and send this as I’m guessing from your silence you don’t want to continue dating, which is fine but I had a lot of fun getting to know you and if I am wrong, I’d like that to continue as I felt we had a connection. I’d like to take you out again, without all the walking this time (Maybe you can borrow my size 12 clown feet boots for emergencies). If not, no worries x”.

She replied in the afternoon with “Hey! I'm really sorry, I meant to text you but I've been poorly. I do really like you and we did have a connection but I just found it a bit weird that you would never text me, especially like the day after a date. I know it might seem a bit fussy but it just makes me feel like you aren't really arsed x”

I replied the following morning with "Hey, sorry for the late reply as I've had a lot on at work with an official visit, which I had to get right! I wanted to wait until I was free to call you so I could hear that voice of yours instead of sending it as a text. I like you and I'm hoping you're not put off by this and got the wrong impression of me. I hope you're feeling much better too and if you're feeling up for it, we could go out this weekend? x".

I didn't get a reply, so I called later in the evening.

She sent me a text saying "Sorry I wasn't ignoring you before I was driving home. I do like and I did enjoy our dates but I'm just not sure about the whole situation to be honest x".

What does she mean and how should I reply?


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  • Hum... first off she seems demanding. I mean, how old is she? Telling you she needed a text after the date would be a huge turn off if I was in your shoes.
    But hey you like her so I won't judge too much.
    I would reply by asking further questions. Communication is key here. Ask her why she is not sure about the whole situation?
    Wait for her response.
    You're at the point where you need to know in a clear way if this girl is still into you or not. So don't play games. Ask what you really want to know.

    • I'm kind of just thinking of saying "Okay, good luck. If you change your mind, you have my number".

      I mean she didn't even respond to me asking her out for this weekend. It took a phone call to get her to reply.

      I feel like prompting her to see what's up will just push her away even more so I'm just going to tell her good luck and if she changes her mind she has my number. She seems confused so I'll give her the space and let her figure out why she isn't sure about the whole situation.

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    • That's good!
      I do hope she comes back or that someone comes along who will be more invested in you.
      Everyone deserves that!

    • What are the chances though? nn the restaurant on the last date she teased me about me liking her. I said "maybe I do maybe I don't!". Then she said "No I know you definitely like me!" and I said "You're in my top 3". She jokingly wondered if it was other girls I'm dating, I said no in general. Then she seemed to press a bit on it and I laughed and said "You realise I'm joking haha".

      What are the chances of her coming back if I didn't text back the day after the date? She said we had a connection and she really liked me, but she felt I wasn't really bothered when I really was! I explained to her I like her, want to get to know her and asked her out, yet she just says "I'm not too sure about the sitatuation to be honest". Ahh what does that even mean :(

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