How am should I ask him out?

So I've been working with a big group of guys for about 4months and I've gotten really close to one of them I've always like him from day one. Think it's time I did something about it as were starting to get really comfortable with each other and we're starting to have a lot of sexual tension between us and today another co worker joked that he like me and he didn't say anything and just went bright red. I think that kind of confirms he likes me but he's very shy and I've been advised to just be open and honest with him and tell him how I feel. Were working together this weekend and we're going to be pretty much alone. I'm feeling pretty confident right now but I know when the time comes ill be extremely nervous as I've ever done anything like this before and i'm not sure if it's best to tell how I feel in work hours.


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  • There are risks to getting involved with a coworker. But, if you're gonna ask him to go out (and girls should feel free to do that!), you might want to wait until after you two get off work. And then maybe you can catch up with him on his way to his car or whatever. But if you don't get off work at the same time that wouldn't work of course. In that case you might try getting his number while you're at work and then either calling him or sending him a message.


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  • Not being feminist or anything. . Give more attention to the guy his gonna ask u out

  • Be honest and just ask him for a dinner out then get talking.


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