Is it just me or do women never ask questions in online dating?

Seems like I'm taking an interest in them but they dont care to know me.
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  • I have been on my fair share of dating websites and personally I've found the opposite to be true. I'll ask questions and then he won't reply or ask questions back.


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  • Women are less motivated in online dating to have initiative and prolong conversations. Online dating is not favored towards men mainly because to we have WAY to many thirsty dudes (embarrassing our gender). Men have to take almost all the lead when it comes to convos online and must stand out even if she initially liked you. I don’t do online dating and so l have limited experience but l have read multiple credible studies & surveys. Also it’s shown that if you look like a model or have a lavish lifestyle that’s it is usually the other way around.


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  • I’ve never tried online dating


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