First Date Anxiety?

Oh God. So I have a online boyfriend, and he lives a hour or so away. He wants to meet in a couple weeks or whatever. I'm scared that he won't like me or I won't act right or something. The fact every person I've ever hung out with no longer does hang out with me doesn't help matters. Its going to be my first time going on a date. Oh God. Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom or something? Thanks~


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  • Just be yourself, and hope he does the same, if you aren't right for each other that sucks but it is good to be yourself, also, are you going to meet him or is he coming up to see you? But if he's a legitimate boyfriend online he should like you how you are, and if he's serious about things he should be able to accept all those little things you do. But it also depends what you're doing for a first date, where you are definitely has some effect on things and how you should prepare usually, but yeah, there isn't too much to say for advice other than be yourself and see if you really do like him after you see him in person and if he's right for you

    • We're probably gonna have my parents drive half way and his drive half way and meet up somewhere

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    • No, we haven't fully discussed it yet

    • Oh alright, well do you know him well? I don't know how long you've been going out or how old he is or anything. But anyways, I'd still just say to be yourself and see how it goes

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