How can I get over the fact that he left his girlfriend for me and learn to trust him?

I started to fall in love with this guy, and he fell in love with me too. Over time, he loved me more than his girlfriend (he told me this after they broke up.) But he waited a good 6 months after falling for me to dump her and ask me out. So all that time, he was with her and she had no idea. I have this massive guilt in my heart all the time, because I know that must have hurt a lot. I didn’t intend to steal him. But I just fell in love and would talk to him when he talked to me and it just happened. There was no cheating.

The problem is, now I’m totally paranoid that he’s going to meet another girl behind my back and fall in love with her. He’s given me no reason not to trust him, at least when it comes to me. He looks at me with so much love in his eyes and I can see it. But I’m just so scared to get my heart broken.

How do I get past this?


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  • Eesh thats hard. You gotta use your memory and see if he has patterns that are similar to what he did to his ex. Personnally i couldnt do it knowing he played his ex for 6 months


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  • Yoiu don't, you love a player

  • You can't get past it because how people treat others, is always how they can potentially treat you. The other reason why you are paranoid is because there is nothing significantly different that sets you miles apart from the other girl...


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