I can’t look at my crush when he’s looking at me and I’ve never talked to him!! And we are both so SHY !! HELP ME PLEASE ( he stares at me alott)?


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  • Well usually eye contact is a good thing. It sounds like he’s interested in you. If you know him from school maybe ask him something about class then maybe he will make a move from there. I know it can be hard but just keep in mind, if he’s looking at you a lot it probably means he finds you super cute so try and keep that in mind as a confidence builder.

    • We do have a lot of eye contacts but lately he tryna not to look at me !! But i know he does !!! And also i dont have any classes with him he is in my bus !!

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    • Thanksss ❤️❤️❤️

    • No problem! Good luck!

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  • Whisper sweet nothings in his ear. Not joking! Honey you might never see him again if you are seeing him at school.

    • Lol no say something that make sense !!

    • You said his friends are really weird? I hope he's not as weird and you can't see it because you like him. You can't just sit next to him on the bus?

  • Let him man up. You can try to talk to his friends ask them to push him a little.

    • His friends are not my friends and they’re really weird !!

    • If you think he likes you. Try to step up your game.

  • You know I am very shy and you are too you just have to go for it act like your doing your favorite thing and if he talks reply

  • U should start texting him on his phone sone times

    • I dont have his phone number 😭

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