Do all women like the guy that shows off his muscles, an asshole, beating everybody up in front of women to show how tough he is, and doesn't care?

I ask that because i see that everywhere, on TV, and I know certain American cities like LA, & NYC. Is this true?


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  • You’re describing a maniac. No, I don’t like guys that run around punching everything.

    • He's not running around. It's just if somebody gets in his face or something like that. And I thought women love that because it shows dominiance and that trash?

    • What’s wrong with wanting a guy to show dominance? I don’t like weak minded guy.

    • Yeah but a guy can show dominiance in other ways other than showing off and beating up people

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  • You sound like you just got rejected by a girl who likes desirably built men. I workout, I train, and I like to showcase my hard work. Women are attracted to the finished product of my hard work. You're acting like a butthurt pussy.


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  • U must think sht of women no I think most will disagree


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