I get keeping the urge to say, “I love you”?

I’m quite young and I simply don’t know what being in love or love is yet. But I keeping saying in my head, “I love you” about my boyfriend after I say, “goodnight”. I always have that urge to say it or simply type it and I don’t know why? That may sound quite stupid, but I’m just wondering why I’m doing that? Have you ever done that? Is is simply just a natural urge? Please help, aha.


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  • Stop doing what you're doing. You're holding a double edge sword and will hurt someone and yourself. Those three words are very powerful and shouldn't be used lightly, in my opinion.

    There's PLENTY of dump guys that think with the wrong head, and girls that don't think at all but go off of pure emotion.

    • Those three words are powerful and that’s why I’m simply curious to know why I’m thinking that when I’m simply young and naive with my life, at the moment. Thank you, for the advice!

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  • Well how long have you been with him? If you’ve been together a while and those thoughts are coming into your head you probably do love him, but if you haven’t been together long you either just really like him or you’re in the process of falling for him. I guess it’s also possible you just fell for him really fast too

    • Almost 3 months. I believe it’s just the fact that I like him. Thank you for the comment!

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  • I just told my boyfriend I loved him and I’m young too tell him u love him it will make your relationship stronger and guys like it when they know what your feeling


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