What to do if someones obsessed with you?

So, I just started dating this guy who has had a crush on me for almost a year now, and he is literally obsessed with me. He wants to spend every second he can with me, and he says the most romantic things. He even threatened people with a crowbar if they tried flirting with me. He tried changing himself to make him the kind of guy I desire. Like by trying to control his anger, and opening himself up to me. He`s introverted yet he`s trying to be friendly towards my friends even if he doesn't like talking to many people. And He messages me as often as he can when we aren't together. And every time I tell him I have to go he pulls me towards him to kiss me and doesn't want to stop. I`ve never had someone do so much just to make me happy, what do I do to make him happy back?


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  • Are you happy? Cause you sound smothered...

    • Yeah, I am kind of smothered... like I told him I was hungry and he kept asking me what class I was in until I gave in and he brought me some chips even when I asked him not to...

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    • Not a problem you got this

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  • Obsessed guys are the worse. You won't get rid of him. Now he might do everything you like, but what if he doesn't?

  • Try to spend all the time you can with him and go out for a date


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