Why does this Aquarius man do this?

We already had sex with each other, I know they are aloof so I try to give him space, when he does text me he will text hey and ask how I’m doing/my day going and after a while stop replying... there’s times were he will just text “hey” once I reply he doesn’t? And sometimes I will text him he will respond and then stop. I don't know it’s soook confusing. It’s only been a month and a half but even after the first time we were intimate he see was ALL over me giving lots of attention. These past two weeks is when this weird behavior started! And I haven’t seen him in two weeks! What should I do? Any advice on Aquarius men? Please don’t answer if you don’t believe in astrology thanks!


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  • Im a pisces and women dont want a pisces man :(


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  • Girl, I’m a Scorpio and I’ve had a lot of trouble with Aquarius men! They really are aloof- and it ended up just ruining out relationship (s). Wish I had some good advice.

    • We’re you guys dating? Like in a committed relationship?

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