Girls, is it normal to feel paranoid that your crush (who openly told you he likes you twice) has stopped liking you even when there's no sign he has?

I've had a crush on this guy I met in my Geometry class since the first day of school and I knew of him but I never really talked to him before. Immediately I could tell that he had a soft spot for me because I just know guys like that. Still, I told myself that he probably doesn't like me cause that's just how I am. It got me down. Then, not even a month after school started again, he tells me he has a crush on me and I'm like okay? I tell him I like him back and we start hanging out at school but eventually have a fall out because of my friend liking him too. It got awkward because he's also her friend but he had no feelings for her. He still talked to me and is really friendly but says he loves being friends. At this point I'm fully convinced he has a girlfriend or likes someone else. Now recently (like a few days ago) he asks me "is it bad that I still like you?" and of course I'm like, "uh, no. I like you." But the thing is, I'm being paranoid again and thinking I'm saying and doing all the wrong things. I don't want him to change his mind again because he did that really fast the first time. Anyone else feel this if you've ever gotten in a situation like me?

By by the way we never were "together", just talking.


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  • I feel the same way. I had noticed that my crush likes me so I told him that I liked him (he didn't say anything). Ever since he hadn't shown as many signals, but I still noticed that he still likes me. But, most days I feel like he doesn't like me anymore and I had either done some wrong or he just lost interest. I know he does and that he's just super shy, but I still have that feeling.
    Yes, it's normal. Although in my case he has never said a word to me at all, it is still hard to keep up the confidence that a guy you like still likes you. We are nervous because we don't want to mess things up by being wrong about the way he feels. How awkward it would be to say, "But I thought you liked me?" Or be in that kind of situation.


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