Guys, Do I still have chance with him if he thinks that I doesn't act accordingly my age?

Is that possible to make him want to date me if he thinks I may looks like a 20years old girl but the way I act and think is more like 16years old girl?


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  • Sunny change yourself to match his wants. Will end messier than just moving on

    • Never* not sunny (not sure why auto correct keeps turning itself on)

    • I didn't change myself for him , I got that plan before I like him , currently I found out that this is the impression that I had given to him and he hope and encourage me to improve myself..

    • But you said you can't keep it up forever?

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  • If he is having problem with that, then a relationship with him is not likely to succeed.

  • How old is he?

    • 27years old

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    • I'm 26years old, and I'm trying to act according to my age because I'm can't always act like that forever

    • That's fine. Act maturely.

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