Does this seem more like a date, or just hanging out?

She ask me to do this with her. (The date was driving 80 miles to an art thing. Walked for a while with her. Then decided to find food. Found a smaller town, wandered around, got dinner at a diner. Then drove home, got some beer, and hung out in a field for a while. Just relaxing and talking. Spent like 13 hrs with her today)
A few things. She did offer her chapstick and coffee to me. Stayed mostly off our phones (Other than music/navigation in the car, and her dealing with a thing with her friend (kinda a short noritce thing)

Also spoke about how I'm the only one she can have a proper, stimulating conversation with

And also, another thing, sdhe mentioned one or two previous relationships, but only as they kinda related to stuff we were talking about

Also, she tried to pay for a lot. Like the tolls, and shit. I think I only paid for my food and thats it

And one last thing she started getting a little more touchy during it. Like pushing my head a bit and a few other things. Maybe a little arm touching

Another thing I remembered. I did ask what made her ask me to do this, and she said simply is that its because she likes me. And also said that she woulda done something else if she knew I wasn't artsy


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  • You might've thought it was just "hanging out", but maybe she thought it was a date. Some romantic signs I noticed in the description were: topics about previous relationships (I never talk about them with a guy while we hang out); standing you out from others ("only one she can have a proper, stimulating conversation with); spending 13 hours with her; got dinner; touching your arm. Did you guys end up kissing or hugging?

    If you want to know, just ask her. Otherwise, if you like her back, ask her out on a date.

    • We didn't do any of that. I kinda wanted to. But I wasn't sure it it was a proper thing to do so soon.

      Meh, we're already planning on going on another day trip thing. Next time I'll see.

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    • Probably. Could be to get a feel for me more before doing anything more explicitly date like or not.

      I noticed she kinda didn't label this anything in particular

    • "No label" might mean you're both hanging out. She's trying to get to know you, since lots of topics were discussed. Her "touchy" action indicates how much she enjoys your company and obviously likes you.

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