Why do girls on tinder complain when all they get on tinder is hi how are you?

Most of the girls I match up with on tinder have nothing in their profile but a couple of selfies and nothing about themselves. I will always put effort in my opening line when the girl gives me something to go on. but I don't understand the girls that put zero effort in their profile and then complain when all they get is "hi how are you" or comments based on their looks. It literally makes no sense.


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  • lool those are russian bots... coming out of russia on recon mission

    • For fucks sake I know what a fucking fake profile is. If you got nothing usefull to ad fuck off.

    • lol yea cat fish... i guess you never been to russia... you wouldn't get it... the profile ain't fake bro it was professionally made but Catfishing is next best explaination nice... who said that!!! lol

    • Were you dropped on your head or what? I know the difference between a bot and a real person. The bots are the ones that actually respond. These are real people I'm talking about not Russian bots. Only an idiot would fall for that.

  • Maybe those profiles are catfish?

    • Nah those are easy to spot. They either have super models for the picture or way too mich in the description. I'm talking about real people who put in no effort and then complain when they get none back.

    • Well that's their problem. If they don't wanna share more and get no attention, it's their fault.

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