Snapchating an Ex?

So I was using boyfriends phone for Snapchat and went to send it to myself. I saw he has been snapping his ex. Now I don't know what pictures they've been sending but I was able to see the chats. One was from last night. He told me he was helping his friend move. In the chat she said she was bored and he said " me and my friend an come kidnap you lol" . He was literally going to drive 40 minutes to his home town and see her. They've talked in the phone for nearly 40 minutes on Saturday and they also talked yesterday. The hint is he called her each time. I don't know what to do. We've been " together" for a year now and I'm beginning to wonder if we even have a future. I'm losing my trust in him. I tell him everything only thing I keep secret from him is gifts or surprises


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  • Drop him if he is Lying now it only gets worse


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